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Built-in Function: exist (name, type)

Return 1 if the name exists as a variable, 2 if the name is an absolute file name, an ordinary file in Octave's path, or (after appending ‘.m’) a function file in Octave's path, 3 if the name is a ‘.oct’ or ‘.mex’ file in Octave's path, 5 if the name is a built-in function, 7 if the name is a directory, or 103 if the name is a function not associated with a file (entered on the command line).

Otherwise, return 0.

This function also returns 2 if a regular file called name exists in Octave's search path. If you want information about other types of files, you should use some combination of the functions file_in_path and stat instead.

If the optional argument type is supplied, check only for symbols of the specified type. Valid types are

Check only for variables.
Check only for built-in functions.
Check only for files and directories.
Check only for directories.

See also: file_in_loadpath, file_in_path, find_dir_in_path, stat.

Package: octave